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The Hammers 126 Year Old Club, competing for PL and European fame!


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49 minuten geleden zei rich ruzzian:

Nog beetje wisselvallig. Als je mee wil draaien met de top 6 zul je potjes tegen Leicester wel moeten winnen. 

Dat klopt is beetje wisselvallig en uit bij Leicester dat maar 16e ofzo stond moet winnen. Jij hebt terecht idd over top 6. We staan nu 5e en deze maand Chelsea, Wolves en Leicester uit is pittige maand. Gezien schema kunnen komende maand aanzienlijk meer punten pakken. 

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Big update, 54 days no matches!!


Sitback my friends and enjoy the show. It were 2 very rollercoasterly like months. I will discuss some of the matches in the details right down below here. It's now a club football break because of the World Cup 2022 in Qatar. We played 14 matches in the PL so far won 8 drew 2 and lost 4. In theory but not in reality we could end up with 13 wins, 2 draws and 4 defeats after 19 matches. But that probably won't happen but somewhere around 10 hopefully 11 or 12 victory's after 19 matches would be great.



WHU- norwich 1-0

bur-WHU 2-4


I have this match above the newcastle match here but it actually 4 matches later. We finally won an away game again. We played 4231 defensive  and it worked.  Almada,  Magno, Larsson and Barkley scored for us.


WHU-villa 1-1

newcastle- WHU 6-2

We were gutted and slaughthered like little piggy's away at newcastle. Inspite of leading 0-1 by Larsson  and Mateta making the 2-2 in the 48the minute, we were gutted and defeated wooping 6-2. It's clear that Bursik is not nearly ready for this kind of football. But Meret was injured for a while. Callum Wilson scored a hattrick for newcastle and Breterton got 2 goals as well.


WHU- Brentford 4-3


Against the Bee's we came 0-2 behind by 2 goals from Hernandez  Mateta scored the 1-2 in the 56 the minute, Bondo scored the 1-3 after 74 minutes... I then was playing with a very very low game speed and extended highlights. Magno scored the 2-3 after  78the minutes and Mateta completed his hattrick with the 3-3 in the 80the minute and 4-3 in the 94the minute, delightful.



WHU-Manchester United 5-1


GOAT Lord Lingard scored an 8.0 against his former empolye but he wasn't nearly man of the match at all.  Turkish Medieval Warrior Kokcu scored 2 goals and got an 8.5, so did Larsson but he got 9.0 because he had an assist as well. Just like Burnley away we played 4231 defensive against United and in wooping 8 minutes  25 untill 33the minute we scored  4 goals against United. Talles Magno was our lowest rated player with an 6.8, so it clearly was a really good match and result for the team.


League Table


I have been in 3th and 4the place this season for a really short period of time. And for now above CIty and Spurs and right behind Liverpool and Arsenal but most of them have  played 1 or 2 matches less than us.





Some Stats without screens per se:


* We scored 32 goals so far only United more with 33

* We got way too much goals against us 25 for our  the place ranking. We have to go all the way down to number 16 Leeds United to see a team with more goals against than us 27

* We are not an one -two man team anymore as to goals and assists its shared more equally this time out;

Larsson 7 goals and 1 assist

Mateta 6 goals

Magno 5 goals and 3 assists

Kokcu 4 goals and 2 assists

Philips 4 goals and 2 assits



Bedankt voor jullie reacties het is idd nog wisselvallig....

Helemaal mee eens maar PL wise had zeker slechter gekund nu hebben laatste paar maanden qua vorm;

5 winst 2 gelijk en 2 verlies

Ik kijk net alvast ''vooruit'' in 2e seizoenshelft moet het vooral tot en met maart 2023 gebeuren qua punten pakken want we eindigen het seizoen met;

In april; United uit, City thuis, Liverpool uit

in mei; Arsenal uit en Everton en Spurs thuis!


@19CH98 @delichris @rich ruzzian @ElMarcos @DGremlin @Marius

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Many adventures for the Hammers, ups and downs but it's our best season yet, halfway!


My friends and readers we left off with over 50 days for our next match because of the World Cup 22. The world cup of 2022 in my save atleast was won with full glory by the Italians. They won the final 1-0 against Denmark and didn't drop a single point the whole tournament. Only the semi finals against the Swiss they need exta time to win 3-2.




Players bought and sold:





I tried to upload a screen but it failed. We lost heavily away at Spurs 8-2 with them having xG of 3.22 or 3.33 So I thought never again no MORE. In my previous update I already told you guys that we were getting a lot of goals against!! So I decided to invest heavily in our defence!!  29 year old Umtiti was supposed to come for free coming summer but I decided to meet Barcelona their demans for him for 6.25M and add him to our team in january already instead of january. Matthias Ginter was valued at 34M at Chelsea we got him for a staggering low price of 14.25M.  I can joke but it's funny becaue it's true but Chelsea truly is our mother club and we are it's satellite club haha so far in 3 seasons we bought; Ross Barkely, RLC, Christensen, Ginter from them and we loaned Drinkwater and loaning Ian Maatsen for a second year in a row for them. With the purchase of Retsos we shattered the existent record for most expensive Greek player ever by far it was Tsistimas from Liverpool but all together we paid 36M for Retsos who can play LB, CV and RB but for now he will be playing CV if need be on the flanks.









Cristana who played 14 matches for us last season and 0 matches this season is out on loan to championship team Southampton.   Joaquin who came in some while ago for free is sold for 8M  Racing Genk easy money. Lacazette who had a really failing career here at Westham was sold to Al-Sadd for 10M. Masuaka wanted to leave for a new challenge was sold but for less than I wanted he joins Olympiakos for  3.4M . Bamford was sold for 13M to Huesca he came to 31 matches and 5 goals for us the Hammers. Issa Diop was solded to Wolves for 10.75M. Kai Corbett who looked really average for his 20 year old age was sold to Hull for 88k and 50% of next sale.



Joaquin sold



Overview Transfers



Evert-WHU 0-0


It was a boring 0-0 draw.



Bour- WHU 2-3


Our xG was a little bit lower but we had much more shots on target 14 over 8. Mateta really took control with scoring 2 of our 3 goals.


WHU-Chelsea 3-0


Again our xG was lower but more shots on target we played defensive the whole match just like United at home. With great succes 3-0 win Magno scored two goals and Soucek who wants to leave but is still at the club also scored a stunning goal with a shot from long distance.






I played the United and PSG at home friendly matches. Barcelona away I was on holiday. All together extra 2.5-3M on income for the club. We are playing 6 matches in February so buckle up!!




Looking at the talbe we are 5 points behind number 4 United but IF we win our next match we can come only 4 points behind number 3 Chelsea. So we are not top 4 but we are giving them all kinds of problems and are asking them questions!  And with 34 points after the first 19 matches we are over half of our total of 60 points of the whole of last season already. And that is not just all of it! We played 9 matches at home winning 7 and drawing 2 which means our club, Westham is still the only PL club this season to not have lost at home yet! :classic_love:_O_

Away from home is quite different there we are ranked 10th with 3 wins 2 draws and 5 losses.




19CH98 @delichris @rich ruzzian @ElMarcos @DGremlin @Marius



Thx voor alle leuke reacties!! 8-2 bij Spurs verliezen was regelrechte schaamtevolle ramp! Maar met Umtiti , Ginter en Retsos en Christensen en Aarons die we al hadden, hebben we een defensie bij Westham , waarvan veel spelers ook bij top PL ploegen basis zouden spelen en staan, dus daar ben ik erg trots op!

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19CH98 @delichris @rich ruzzian @ElMarcos @DGremlin @Marius



Thx voor jullie reacties!! 


I resigned/ ik heb ontslag genomen! Last 8 matches we had 1 win, 1 draw and 6 matches lost!!  The hard matches were yet to begin!! I  didn't want to destroy my legacy at the club!! I am going to look for a new club in this save the coming days! :'(



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9 uur geleden zei rich ruzzian:

Wow verrassende wending. Waar is dit mis gegaan? 

Was weer gebruikelijke periode FM engine heeft genoeg van Kyrill /Karel zijn formaties en taktieken en hij mag niks meer winnen! Extreem voorbeeld maar waar. Ik had ooit Leicester in PL stopte daar of werd ontslagen, semantics.. Ging ik naar Bolton 2 niveaus lager en ook daar werkte niks meer van mij en verloor ik alles!! Ik ben 99,5% van tijd van eigen taktieken en formaties en hele zeldzame keer download ik wat zo doe ik het al jaren. Hele enkele keer dat ik dat doe helpt me dat ook niet het tij te keren... 

7 uur geleden zei Svenpunt:

De moeilijkste tegenstanders had je toch al gehad?

Nee was halverwge maart pas! April en mei moesten nog komen. Daarin zou ik nog Spurs thuis, Arsenal, Liverpool en Chelsea allemaal nog uit hebben. Ik heb sowieso nog maar 5 thuisduels en maar liefst 7 uitwedstrijden... Dit seizoen waren we 16 thuis duels op rij ongeslagen met vorig seizoen erbij tot we thuis Wolves verloren... Dat was on terecht maar ik had 2,5 jaar alles van ze gewonnen Wolves. Een N=1 zeg maar. Maar erna verloren we oa zelfs Brighton uit en Leicester.. En dit seizoen zijn we uit nog slechter dan laatste 2 seizoenen... 

3 uur geleden zei 19CH98:

Jammer dat je het opgeeft maar ik ga het nieuwe avontuur zeker volgen. 

Ik heb erover nagedacht. Ik save altijd 5-10x per uur over 2-7 verschillende files ik denk iets oudere save ga laden en nog ga proberen... Ik heb nog geen boardmeeting gehad en ga ook nog door, als zo doorgaat gaan ze me zeer snel punten target geven voor minimaal komende 5 duels van volgend seizoen... 

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Season over, ended on a high with 3 victories. Again finished 7th, going to the ECL!


I don't have a league table screen right now sorry. But we finished 7the for the 3th season in a row. We ended the season on quite a high with from latter to first Spurs at home 2-1 victory, United away 2-4 victory very freaking undeserved but it's great to beat them 2 times this season in the PL, I never even had that with Arsenal and Everton at home 3-0.





norwich- WHU 0-4


Magno led the way with 2 goals. norwich didn't have a single shot on target



WHU- Ever 3-0


We rekt and dominated Everton. Almada played as an F9 and scoring 2 goals that's a lot because he only had 1 PL goal the whole season befoe this.



United- WHU 2-4


We didn't deserve this win but I don't care. Larsson scored a hattrick got a 9.4 and Meret made many saves and got a well deserved 8.4



WHU- Spurs 2-1


We came 0-1 behind by Bergwijn but Kalvin Philips with a shot from distance scored the 1-1 and in the 74th minute Bowen scored a beautiul free kick for the winning 2-1.







April was bad but the end of march was okay and month of may was a really good month for the club results wise.



Player stats


Many players contributed this season with atleast 13 players scoring 1 goal or more. Almada was king of the assists with 10 PL assists and Larsson and Mateta scored 16 goals each but Mateta need less matches for it 23(7)  compared to 27(7) and he also made 3 assists. Defence wise we very leaky 70 goals against that's just utterly disappointing compared to 70 goals scored. 


We ended up 7th with 16 victories 7 draws and 15 defeats. That makes 5 points less than last season but we ended the season very well.  Last season we had 18 victories, 6 draws and 14 defeats and only 59 goals against instead of 70.








19CH98 @delichris @rich ruzzian @ElMarcos @DGremlin @Marius  



Ik ben heel dit weekend in Zeist straks. Blij dat toch nog wel weer gewoon 7e ben geworden ondanks een mindere periode waarin ik impulsief opstapte. Heel fijn weekend iedereen!!




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