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The Hammers 126 Year Old Club, competing for PL and European fame!


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King Jordan Larsson  leading the way!!!


Sit back my friends and enjoy the show! First of The man himself, the king Jordan Larsson, lets start with him! He finished the season with 28 PL goals! Just wauw. A lot more than Arsenal's Icardi with 22 and Chelsea's Lukaku 19. At home against Spurs 5-1 King Jordan scored 4 goals! Away at norwich 3-6 win he again scored 4 goals! With 28 in PL 6 in ECL and 1 in Jordan comes to a staggering 35 goals this season in all competions!! :classic_love:_O_




Swedish King


His amazing ROI, and goals and assists!!


WHU-Wolfsburg 3-1


Almada, Bowen and Larsson scored! I thought 3-1 was going to be enough!! We were really good!


Wolfs- WHU 2-0


Wolfs had 2 goals with xG of only 1.02 . We were really bad compared to in London. It's sour to not make the final based on away goals but this match we were just reallly bad!



WHU- Spurs 5-1

norwich- WHU 3-6


These two matches above explain itself the Swedish Striker _O_ 


Hammer time, squad assists

Average Rate





Table after playday 38




@19CH98  @Marius   @MNie  @germandutch














@rich ruzzian 

@neva @Nummerke10 






thx voor jullie reacties Delichris, 19CH98, ElMarcos,DGremlin en Marius! Op haar na finale niet gehaald! Iig heel blij met 18 competitie zeges! 35 goals van Larsson! Weer 7e en 4 punten meer dan vorig seizoen!


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The player I bought two years ago already, is finally here. Welcome, bieveneu, bievenido  Jean-Philippe Mateta!


I bought Mateta early pre season summer of season 1. But he was on a mandatory 2 year loan at fellow London club Crystal Palace. Finally these two years are over. Welcome!  We also bought 4 other players of which 3 english players Tuanzebe 14.5M maximum(all the numbers are maximum amount), Max Aarons 58M and goalkeeper Joe Bursik from Stoke only still 21 years old for 8.25M.   Last but not least Esposito worth 20.5M already came in from Inter for 10.25M. Which means I will be trying to sell 32 year old Antonio and 27 year old Bautista. We have 12 available options for Striker in my squad. But a lot of them can play A lot of other positions as well they listen to the names Thiago Almada, Loftus Cheek, Jarrod Bowen, Lacazette, Bamford and more! Aarons is a record signing for the club and one to show my ambitions that at the very minimum want to make the big top 4-6 teams sweat! Last season we came to 18 victory's in the PL it's not a hard goal but this season I am aiming between 20-23 victory's. That my board has a goal of ''top half'' is fine with me, I always achieve better things with ''lower'' targets than with higher targets. 


There is some bad news. Because Spurs finished 9th and they won the FA Cup final against Sheffield United for the first time in 3 seasons we the Hammers are not going to play European Football. But I am okay with that that keeps my squad fit for challenging the big clubs!


Out of my head my best starting XI will be something like this:



Aarons- Christensen- Diop-Masuaka




Bamford- Almada- Bowen







Mateta 10.5M

Esposito 10.25M

Tuanzebe 14.5M

Aarons 58M

Bursik 8.25M



@19CH98 @delichris @rich ruzzian @ElMarcos @DGremlin @Marius ik vind ook erg zonde en jammer van finale hebben misgelopen ja.  Iig nu flink versterkt en goed tegen aan dit nieuwe seizoen! 



Mentions and reply's volgen zo op mijn mobiel!

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Start of season 3 and more players bought and some sold


Kalvin Philips 36M


Kalvin Philips was bought for his market value 36M


Lingard 0 euro


We got Lord Lingard for free. 


Talles Magno 25.5 M


We paid 25.5m for this only 20 year old attacker well known to my friend @19CH98 who I think plays with FM 20 :)



Ross Barkley 10.75M


Again an English player for a fairly ''cheap price'''




How we line up



We have 31 first team placers of which 13 English players, 5 Italians, 3 French players and some other nationality's.



WHU-Fulham 4-0


Kalvin Philips made a tremendous debut. Playing CM in an 424 he scored the hattrick of which the 3th goal being an penalty and the 1st one an absolute beauty and stunning sorcherer from distance. Mateta who was already property of the club 2 years ago also scored on his debut. Aarons, Tuanzebe, Esposito and Talles Magno also made their debut.





@19CH98 @delichris @rich ruzzian @ElMarcos @DGremlin @Marius



Thx voor alle reacties!!! Met komst van Philips en Talles Magno wil/ga ik poging /gooi doen naar CL voetbal!!

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Ik speel inderdaad met FM20 maar Talles Magno is zeker zeer bekend bij mij, ik denk dat ie al een seizoen of 9 bij mij speelt. Ook de andere versterkingen klinken goed en het eerste resultaat is dat ook. Je kan zomaar mee gaan doen om de CL plekken door het relatief rustige programma vanwege het gebrek aan Europees voetbal

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August done, 5th in the league, stupid mistake from Soucek!


We started the month away at rivals Chelsea.  Havertz scored the 1-0 after barely 2 minutes.  Larsson scored the 1-1 after 10 minutes  Lukaku scored the 2-1 after 32 minutes and Lautaro Martinez the 3-1 right before halftime in the 44th minute. Up to this point the Smurfs were playing a 424 formation which I also use a lot for 1,5 years already with WHU alone. At the break Chelsea took Lukaku off and brought in Florentino Luis and went on playing 433 with a DM midfielder. We took Talles Magno 6.3,  Almada 6.4 and  Bowen 6.5 and went for a 424 the second half, Lacazette, Lingard  and Bamford came in but the match stayed 3-1 for Chelsea. Doesn't matter which club team I have i rarely take a point away at Stamford Bridge, let alone 3  Chelsea- WHU 3-1


next up was Bournemouth at home..      WHU- Bour 1-0    I can be short about this we got the points because of Alex Meret he stopped a penalty from Shelvey in the 68th minute that went quite near the lower left corner of the goal. Max Aarons scored the winning in the 81the minute with a shot after getting a tap back pass from substitue Lacazette. Meret 8.1 Aarons 8.1 Tuanzebe 7.7 and Talles Magno 7.7 were our best players during this match. Almada got taken off for playing badly 6.3

I don't know how you guys work as a manager my friends. But if my team loses a match I speak individual player who scored an 6.4 or lower that they should have done better. If we win I praise players with 7,4 , 7.5 or hoger especially if they score an 8.0 or higher, not always but if someone scores 6.4 or lower with an win I sometimes say something about it.


next up was Wolves away. They have a terrible record against my team and lost the last 3 matches in a row against us. This happened yet again inspite of the Wolves coming 1-0 in front by solomon in the 13th minute. Aarons scored the 1-1 in the 30th minute  Kokcu scored the 1-2 in the 57th minute just like last year he also scored the 1-2 away at Wolves  Philips scored the 1-3 in the 68th minute. We went on playing defensively and Wolves was powerloss to do anything about trailing to us.   Wolves- WHU 1-3 



Away at Leicster   Leicster- WHU 3-2  we were really poor. Saint Maximin scored the 1-0 just right before halftime Patson Daka went on scoring the 2-0 in the 64the minute. I noticed that Leicster played a lot of high balls and that Patson Daka found a lot of free space behind our 2 man central defence. So I thought I take Mateta off for Soucked and play him as the 3th CV. It started good at first against the run of play Bowen scored the 2-1 in the 74h minute from an assist of Lacazette who once again came in as a sub and had an impact on the match. Mert Certin scored an own goal in the 80th minute for the 2-2. Soucek  was then in the 90the minute was put under pressue by the high defensive line of Leicster at our right corner flag.  Instead of just giving away an corner or a throw Tomas gave away a high lobb pass near our 11th yard box very stupid of him basically assisting Leicste player Al Musrati ''allowing'' him to score the winning 3-2 with a beautiful, fast and big volley kick. With xG of 1.86 for Leicster and 1.36 for us and 10 and 4 shots on target I can't really complain. I just wish Soucek wouldn't take such a risk near our own penalty area. But we didn't deserve a draw anywat but it was nice coming back from 2-0 down to 2-2.




Transfer news:


Bautista was sold to Celtic for maximum of  8.25M . Quite a nice profit since we payed only 2.4 for him back in 2020/2021. 

Declan Rice ended up this summer at Barcelona who paid Hoffenheim 75 million for him. That gave us an extra 5.4M because of the 20% of profit clausule. Fornals left to Torino for 29.5M I have been trying to sell him for 3 years straight I am glad it finally happened. Benrahma was sold to BHA for 14.25M he never had a big brake through for us, Antonio went to Besiktas for 5M.








@19CH98 @delichris @rich ruzzian @ElMarcos @DGremlin @Marius


Thx voor jullie reply's! Heel tof en aardig!!



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