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Palermo and Albania headcoach(English novelle)


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Almost Division promotion, for Albania Denmark relegated!!


European Ligue Divison Group B, had two matches yet to play. Albania played against Greece at home and Denmark, away. At home against fierce rivals Greece , Albanian Selahi scored the 1-0 in the 33th minute. Tszolis scored the 1-1 for Greece, in the injury time of the first half. Greece got a penalty but Strakosha saved it.  Away at Denmark, I tried 4231 , Albania lost 2-1 but it should have been way more for Denmark. After 6 matches both Greece and Albania have the same amount of points , 9 to be exact. It ended 0-0 in Greece and considering Greece have scored more goals, and conceded less goals , than Albania they ended up 1st in the group and so not Albania but Greece is promoted to Group A. I am proud that I didn't lose against fierce rivals Greece, Denmark deserved their victory but they ended last in the group, and are relegated.


Albania- Greece 1-1


Denmark- Albania 2-1


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Bedankt iedereen!! Ik baal dat het weer eens niet liep, bij een club van mij pfff. Albanie is net promotie misgelopen vanwege mij maar Griekenland is ook gewoon, een beter voetballand. Het is bijna 2027 dus het zal niet lang meer duren, voor EK kwalificatie van 2028 er aan gaat komen :)

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Arranged Friendly's and European Championship Qualification Groups


Albania has been put in Group E alongside with Spain who have won, 1 world cup, 3 European Football Championships , 1 Olympic games etc. Other countries in the poule are Russia, Latvia and Lithuania. A tough group but I expect us to alteast try for 3th place or maybe with a little bit of luck a bit more.


In march 2027(now 29th november 2026) Albania will play U.S.A at home for friendly on the 24th and Netherlands on Saturday 27th of March. June 2027 Albania will play South Korea at home and Sweden away.


I am also visiting matches from clubs like Hertha BSC in hopes of their gaffer getting fired, so I can take over.


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Marius je hebt gelijk maatje, ik vind 1/6 ook te weinnig. Maar ze hadden hiervoor niet 9 op 18 maar 8 uit 12 :)


Ruben, je hebt helemaal gelijk ja, vind ik ook. Hopelijk kunnen we het Rusland moeilijk maken!


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  • Kyrill changed the title to Palermo and Albania headcoach(English novelle)

Breaking News: Goosseff also Palermo headcoach now!


I was trying to sollicitate at  clubs like Everton, Westham United, Chelsea, 1Fc Koln and other clubs. They wouldn't even want to interview me! But Palermo did and I am their new head coach now! So after having managed Stade Reims like @Nummerke10 but not even remotely as succesful as him, I am now also Palermo coach like @RubenS2.  I was over more than 100 days for the next Albania friendly match against USA. And every time I watch a match for  Albanian players to play in, they are on the bench. At the moment Palermo are 18th in the Serie B in January 2027. It's my job to get them avoid relegation, directly. Something which I failed with on multiple times already. I am saying this right away I am going for my own tactics for month of january and february, but if it won't work I am stepping down from my principle and will be downloading a tactic from this forum! It's going to be tough but I am going to do my upmost and my best to have Palermo stay in the Serie B!



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Quite a good start for Mister Goosseff at Palermo! We all know his form dips, long way still to go. Taking it a match at a time!


First off, there is no money for transfers at the club! Players like 29 year old Philip Sandler are transferlisted but no bids are coming in. Also there is much more commited spending, that what is being spent now on wages. I tried to sell the top 3-5 earners some even for zero euro's but no succes so far. With 7/9 and 3 cleansheets my start at Palermo has been good, but me and the team will stay down to earth. I have been here before with Saint Etienne, EA Guingamp(other novelle) and even Arsenal. Let's look at our first 3 matches in january, shall we?


Away at Brescia J.Broh scored a quick 0-1 for Palermo in the 4th minute. Palermo plays in a 41221 counter tactic formation, with a defensive midfielder. Palermo commited 23 fouls against Brescia, over only 7 fouls for Brescia. Brescia had xG of 0.86 and we , Palermo only 0.58, so fortune was finally on my side, again.


We followed it up with a 2-0 home victory against mid table team Venice. This time Palermo were the better team and deserved the victory. Tavernelli scored the 1-0 in the 27th minute and Tomella brought the game home with the 2-0 in the 88the minute. xG 0.91 over 0.49 from Venice. 4 shots on target for Palermo and 1 for Venice.


Away at Vicenza Palermo kept the 3th clean sheet in a row under the new manager Kyrill Goosseff. With 10 shots and 6 on target and xG of 1.0 Palermo deserved 3 points. But all with all, starting with 7/9 is good and 3 cleansheets even make me even more happier. But that doesn't change the fact  there are still 14 big matches yet left to play. And we all know how teams under my command, can quickly fall down maybe even a cliff. So I am not celebrating anything just yet, but so far with 3 points away from relegation spot and 7/9, I am satisfied with the team and I hope we can continue getting good results in February and the monts after that.



Brescia- Palermo 0-1

Palermo-Venice 2-0

Vicenza- Palermo 0-0



Match Fixtures Palermo


Serie B League Table



@RubenS2 thnx maatje, thnx. Ik wist wel dat je het leuk zou vinden! Tuurlijk had ik liever team op hoogste niveau, maar hier is ook genoeg te halen.


@Marius dat laatste hoop ik ook zeker! Maar wil ik voorlopig nog niet aan denken, elke wedstrijd voor mij en de jongens, zie ik als een ''tentamen''. De start is iig op zn minst, zkr niet slecht! Bedankt vriend!


@Nom de Guerre zo is dat vriend! Helemaal mee eens!


@Nummerke10 bedankt maatje, ik hoop het ook! Hoop in iedergeval op meer succes dan bij Reims, gelukkig ben jij wel heel goed met ze! 


@komodo25 thnx maatje, bedankt!!


@glennix bedankt vriend, zeker weten, helemaal mee eens!


@Titan @Fantasy @Abe @rich ruzzian @Lazy

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Palermo goes on performing good match results. 32 points after 28 matches.


Last month was the month of the 7/9 and no goals scored against us. This past month, februari was the month of the 1 goal per team matches. We started the month against surprising number 3 Novara except for xG , everything else was in balance with both the teams. Mogos the replacement of the sold Lunghi to Citadella for 775k(and 25% of the profit) already 34 years old, is now the new number 1 right back. He scored the 1-0 with a beauty of a goal after 85 minutes. Novara player Pagani better late than never(for them) scored the deserved 1-1 in the 90the minute. A little bit disasspointing but hé, still undefeated... 


After that we played Lecce away the number 13th or so. I tried it a bit different, defending goes fine, lets play bit more attacking wise in game. Samu or Samuel became CAM instead of CM. Strijdonck scored the 1-0 for Lecce after 52 minutes Garnacho made the 1-1 in the 62th minute for Palermo. A fair result for both teams. After that we played Genoa the number 5 or 6 at home. A team everyone probably knows for their periods in the Serie A and having players like Gudelj or at least Schone. But that is all long and and gone in februari 2027 in game. Our xG was 0.75 , Genoa 1.01. Mubiru scored the 1-0 for Palermo after 51 minutes unlike Novara at home, this time we held the lead untill the final wistle. With 2 shots on target for Palermo and 5 for Genoa, it's bit of a stolen victory but considering that happens to me 70% of the time or more, all the more sweet for us.


So far it was 6 matches and 12 points. In comparison the manger before me got 12 points in his last 18 matches! Eightheen! Away at Cesena came my first defeat in 7 matches, as Palermo headcoach. It was a deserved victory for Cesena , I tried to force a 1-1 but played to much on the attack and got the 2-0 90+3the minute. Palermo is not save just yet but with 32 points after 28 matches and spot number 15th in the table, we are sure as hell are taking big steps into staying safe. And with only 4 goals against in the first 7 matches, half of which game in the final game, I am pretty pleased.


I already told I sold 1 player but he wanted to leave because Citadella are playing Serie A. But they are 20th in the table. I got a transfer free replacement and took a 19 year old Swedish right back and winger back from the youth team to the first team. 




Palermo-Novara 1-1

Lecce- Palermo  1-1

Palermo-Genoa 1-0

Cesena- Palermo 2-0

My first defeat, after 7 matches

Serie B League Table

Andrew Mubiru the Swedish youth player from Palermo, now first team player

Alessandro Eleuteri the new transfer free signing








@Marius bedankt! Ik vind ook erg fijn en mooi om te zien dat we boven de streep staan en dat we daar hebben op lopen voort boorduren in Februari!


@Nom de Guerre 








@Titan @Fantasy @Abe @rich ruzzian @Lazy

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