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Doe ik ook, ben te lui om het ook uit te zoeken maar het kan volgens mij wel. Welk stream programma gebruik je eigenlijk?


PS3 media server. Je hebt daar wel een optie subtitles, maar dat werkt nooit :cab:


Ah ja, dat deed ik eerst ook Niels. Totdat ik een converter heb gekocht die ik op m'n videokaart kon aansluiten, via die converter kan ik m'n tv als 3de scherm aansluiten naast m'n 2de vaste monitoren. Best handig :)


Ik heb helaas te weinig technisch inzicht om dit soort dingen te snappen.. :P

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Woojoo, anders maken ze even een sprong van 3 jaar! Season 7 is 3 jaar later dan de finale van season 6.


[spoiler=aflevering beschrijving]

Weeds “Bags†Season 7 Episode 1 – Three years after Nancy’s selfless act to save her family, Andy, Silas, Shane and Doug live their new lives in Copenhagen. When Nancy is released early from prison and put on parole to a New York halfway house, she finds out that she doesn’t need witness protection anymore.



Had ik echt niet verwacht. In ieder geval, nog 13 dagen _O_

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[spoiler=Season 7]Weeds Season 7 Plot

Weeds Creator has been kind enough to share the plot outline of Weeds Season 7.Here is the Weeds Season 7 Plot - The new episodes will be set three years in the future, when lead character Nancy Botwin is released from prison following her arrest at the end of last season.


Kohan has said that while Nancy was away, the rest of her family have been getting on with their lives in Copenhagen, revealing that Silas has become a model, Shane has started up a puppet theatre and Andy is now in a serious relationship.


"They had their relationships and their things but there was always the sense that they were always treading water because Nancy seems to be their True North," she explained to Entertainment Weekly. "When you don't have that star in the sky, you get a little lost."


Kohan also claimed that although the family are still drawn towards Nancy and will return to her in New York, there will be some noticeable physical changes about the characters.


"Shane has mutton chops and a mohawk and he looks pretty cool, and Silas is very buff, and Andy's a little greyer, but nothing radical," she continued. "Stevie's now almost 4, so he's a little boy and he talks."Kohan added that the expanded role of Stevie will help add a new dimension to the Botwin family dynamic.





Trailertje van Weeds (en nog een andere serie, die blonde is van die andere serie, om verwarring te voorkomen) Nog 1,5 week _O_

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